Alabama is home to multiple primer medical institutions, and from their contributions, we know that access is a leading barrier between minority communities and a healthier life. AOMA works to address healthcare inequity through tailored initiatives that prioritize prevention and streamline treatment.


Knowledge is the great equalizer, and the AOMA works to expand access to educational opportunities for all Alabama residents, regardless of age, by assembling resources for those who need them most.

Economic and Rural Development

Agriculture is the backbone of Alabama's prosperity, and by investing in rural development, the AOMA works to ensure the residents of rural areas benefit from their work through supporting projects that have a direct economic impact in rural Alabama.


With the State unemployment rate reaching a historic low, AOMA is committed to seeking additional opportunities to keep residents connected with employment opportunities by supporting organizations that amplify minority entrepreneurs and business owners.


Access to affordable and quality housing is critical to the collective well-being of all. AOMA is dedicated to ensuring that communities suffering from historic disinvestment have access to affordable and safe housing and tools to help them stay there.


The State of Alabama is home to 14 Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Black Community Colleges, the largest number in the nation. AOMA is committed to uplifting the economic impact of HBCUs and their current students, collaborating with HBCU leadership, and advocating for the resources needed for these storied institutions to thrive.

Criminal Justice

The history of the Alabama criminal justice system is a testament to the road to equality in this nation. AOMA is committed to continuing to uphold the ideals of the United States by addressing the disparities that have caused our criminal justice system not to be fair for all.

Race Relations

Alabama is blessed to be the state diverse populations call home. The AOMA is proud to give a platform to these communities by empowering them by addressing the issues that uniquely affect them.

Women’s Issues

Women comprise over half of Alabama's population, yet still face unique challenges and barriers as a minority group. The AOMA serves as a voice and advocate for women across the state to empower women by connecting them with essential resources, opportunities, and support networks.

Civil Rights